Award Plaques for Tacoma, Business Awards and School Awards


Award-Plaques-Tacoma-WAAwards are given to institutions or individuals to recognize their excellence in a certain field. These are regarded as a certificate of excellence and are often signified by trophies, certificates, medals and award plaques.


They may also be in the form of public acknowledgement of excellence, without any prize.


Giving awards to Tacoma school students for a job done well is a great way to increase their morale. In business, it is always good to recognize the efforts of your employees with engraved award plaques.  Such awards will always sit on their desk and inspire them to work harder for the company.


At West Coast Awards, we provide an incredible variety of excellent products to our Tacoma area customers. Our high-quality award plaques can be customized according to the needs of the clients. We take pride in serving our clients with truly unique and affordable awards.



Recognition Awards in Tacoma, Acrylic, Crystal and Glass Award


Recognition-Awards-Tacoma-WAEveryone likes to be recognized for the hard work that they do. Recognition awards given at company events in Tacoma can create a positive work environment, boost the morale of the employees and increase their engagement in the work.


Awards make a lasting impression. So choosing the right type of award according to the event is very important. Recognition awards can be given in the form of:


• Certificates
• Trophies
• Plaques
• Medals


Recognition awards can be purchased in different materials such as crystal, glass or acrylic from our company. By writing the awardees’ name on it, a personalized touch can be added to these awards.



Corporate Awards for Tacoma Employee Recognition


Corporate-Awards-Tacoma-WAExcellence deserves recognition, whether it is in an office or at a corporate event. Therefore companies give corporate awards to their employees who excel in their respective fields.


There are many benefits of corporate awards, and in themselves they can enhance the corporate performance from the boardroom to the frontline.


We at West Coast Awards are leaders in the industry. We have been catering to our clients’ needs for over 35 years. We have it all, from corporate crystal awards to acrylic awards. Simply select the award that you like and get it personalized with your own engravings at a reasonable cost.


To get your award personalized, call us today at 253-458-1473 or if you would like to know more about our services and products. We are always happy to help you by making your success a bit sweeter.


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