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Businesses are always looking for ways to make their brand recognizable for their target consumers. Corporate and community events are great opportunities for brand promotion. Some of the most effective promotional products that can be used in such cases are custom polo shirts and logo shirts.


Companies can have their employees wear the custom shirts that carry the brand name, logo and/or motto. The use of such custom logo shirts helps the company:

  • Increase its brand visibility and improve business impressions
  • Promote team spirit among its employees
  • Showcase its professionalism

At West Coast Awards & Athletics, we offer custom shirts in Kirkland, WA for businesses that want to stand out at special occasions and connect better with their customers. We can supply custom polo shirts to meet different needs. No matter which color and size you want, or how many custom shirts your Kirkland company needs, you trust us to fulfill your order.


Custom Polo Shirts to Advertise the Kirkland Business • Golf Shirts



The best thing about using custom polo shirts with logo for business advertising is that the apparel brings just the right touch of casual to the professional arena. Customized polos give a relaxed feel but still maintain professional appearances.


Come to us for high-quality custom polo shirts that help your Kirkland company send the right message. We strive to provide you with the perfect custom polo shirts to suit your business. You can call us for your business's custom shirts needs, whether you want:

  • A variety of colors
  • Screen printed or embroidered logos
  • Traditional or sporty styles

And of course, the design and placement of your business name and image on the custom polo shirts is done based on your exact specifications.


Hats, Logo Shirts and Accessories for Kirkland Corporate Apparel



If you want company logo shirts to deliver excellent returns, make sure that you get your custom shirts from the right place. Let us meet your requirements for custom logo shirts in Kirkland - your team will be happy you did.


Aside from offering premium-quality custom logo shirts, we can also provide you with customized hats and other clothing accessories for use as promotional materials for your business, or to wear to events as a team. The exclusive logo shirts and accessories we offer are:

  • Made of top-grade materials
  • Priced at very affordable rates
  • Easily available; you won't have a long wait when you order from us

Need customized corporate apparel and logo shirts for your Kirkland business? Get in touch with West Coast Awards & Athletics. Dial (253) 458-1473.


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