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screen-printing-bellevue-waScreen printing is a highly popular technique, used for printing images or graphics on various surfaces.


Screen printing is a process which involves the use of a stencil covered with mesh and a fill blade for applying ink onto the substrate, whether a t-shirt, athletic wear or other material. As one color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce multicolored images.


If you want your athletic wear or t-shirts to have unique designs or prints on them, then we have the right options for you. Residents of Bellevue can get their t-shirts custom printed from West Coast Awards to suit their taste.


We offer custom design screen printing on both garments and awards. We have extensive experience and knowledge of providing the best products to our Bellevue clients using screen printing.


Engraving for Personalization on Bellevue Awards, Plaques and Trophies


engraving-bellevue-waAnother highly famous technique, engraving for personalization is the practice of incising a design onto a hard, usually flat surface, by cutting grooves into it. The result may be a decorated object itself.


Engraving is an important method of personalizing and producing images on trophies. Various techniques of engraving include:


• Etching
• Soft ground engraving
• Line engraving
• Stipple engraving
• Woodcut engraving
• Dry point engraving
• Copper plate engraving


You can get your awards and trophies customized by getting your name engraved on them. Bellevue teams can get their names engraved on the trophy that they have won.


Come to West Coast Awards to get your Bellevue awards personalized. We can provide any custom promotional item for our clients.


Awards and Trophies for Bellevue Sports Team and Employee Recognition


awards-and-trophies-bellevue-waEverybody likes to be awarded at some point of their life. Awards and trophies make a person proud of his achievements, and people are inspired to work more to achieve their goal when they are awarded at regular intervals.


Various awards and trophies are given to teams that excel in their respective fields. Different companies in Bellevue give awards to their employees who work to achieve their targets.


Such recognition from awards and trophies increases the confidence of your employees and they work in a much better way in the future.


Let us help you to make your success a bit sweeter by engraving your name on your awards and trophies. Contact us through our website or call us at 253-458-1473.


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