T Shirts, Custom Shirts and Sweatshirts for Tacoma Events


Looking for amazing custom T shirts in the Tacoma, WA region? West Coast Awards & Athletics is the right choice for getting custom T shirts in the Tacoma area at affordable prices.

If you are celebrating something in the Tacoma area, custom T shirts are the best way to do that! People in Tacoma are lucky, since they have the opportunity to buy custom T shirts made with the latest technology at our shop.

Custom T shirts are easily the best way to tell others what kind of an individual you are. Besides custom T shirts, we also provide services of:

  • School plaques
  • Awards and trophies
  • Athletic wear
  • Bags and accessories
  • Plastic tags and signage
  • Nameplates and name tags

T Shirt Printing for Logo Wear and Athletic Wear in Tacoma


Our shop offers a wide variety of designs for T shirt printing in the Tacoma region. T shirt printing in the Tacoma area for logos and athletic wear has been provided by our shop for decades.

We are proud of offering T shirt printing to Tacoma residents which has a very distinct quality to it. Our customized solutions of T shirt printing always meet the requirements of our customers in Tacoma.

We have the resources, as well as the expertise to provide great T shirt printing to our customers. Our T shirt printing service can also cater to the needs of industrial and commercial facilities.

We are known for providing a service that is:

  • Efficient and valuable
  • Creative and inventive
  • Dependable and accurate
  • Cordial and friendly

Screen Printing to Personalize Tacoma Clothing and Accessories


For people around the world, as well as Tacoma residents, screen printing has become a very popular way of getting graphics and images printed on the clothing they wear. Screen printing in the Tacoma area produces effects and textures that simply amaze anyone who may see it.

Screen printing in the Tacoma region is most popular for T shirts, and with the help of screen printing, the placement, size, color and shape can be determined very precisely.

We use durable material for screen printing so that our customers can cherish our products for a long time. Our screen printing service is one of the finest because:

  • We keep up with change in trends
  • Offer a customer-oriented atmosphere
  • We are a family-owned business

West Coast Awards & Athletics renders elite services of T shirt printing and screen printing to Tacoma residents. Call 253-458-1473 to buy custom T shirts from our shop.


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