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There is nothing that participants in athletics or sports meet desire more than winning that coveted trophy. The wins become all that much more memorable when specially designed prizes and awards are handed out.


At West Coast Awards & Athletics, we offer custom trophies in the Burien, WA area for distribution at the sporting events held here. We can design and craft unique trophies for our customers or provide them with custom trophy engraving services.


We provide custom trophies for most all types of team sport events. From baseball trophies to basketball trophies to golf trophies, we offer them all. We offer custom trophies for Burien residents in many shapes and sizes and in different types of material including:

  • Acrylic
  • Brass
  • Medallion

Game organizers are encouraged to contact us for the perfect trophies to round off their events in style.


Custom Trophies for Burien Team Accomplishments



Every team accomplishment on the sports field comes after days, weeks and months of toiling and sweating. We believe that such accomplishments deserve to be recognized with awards that stand out from the typical cups and plaques.


That is exactly how we can help! Our company provides highly specialized services to make custom trophies that are:

  • Distinctive
  • Impressive
  • Meaningful and relevant to the occasion

When team sport tournament organizers want the winners to leave with exclusive awards to celebrate their hard work and determination they know to come to us. Burien residents can also contact us for custom trophy engraving services and have the winner’s name and other details etched on the prize.


Trophy Engraving Adds a Personal Touch to Your Burien Trophy



Typically awards and prizes are stored away in cupboards long after the event is over and memories fade away. However, people tend to treasure the engraved custom trophies they win.


This is because of the unmatched personal touch that trophy engraving adds to the cup or plaque. We ensure professional, high quality trophy engraving services for Burien residents. Our exquisite custom trophy engraving insures:

  • The event is truly unforgettable
  • Creates a trophy that is cherished for the lifetime
  • Reminds the recepients of their achievements

Want to get a custom-made trophy or need skillful trophy engraving services in the Burien area? Get in touch with West Coast Awards & Athletics. Call 253-458-1473.


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