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Trophies-Redmond-WAPhotos of sports teams triumphantly holding their trophies aloft are the perfect memories. Whether you are a professional team holding a prestigious trophy in your hand or a school team that has just beaten all the competition, the feeling remains the same.


One of the greatest prizes that sportsmen can get is trophies. Redmond residents now have the finest trophy designs at their door, just by turning to West Coast Awards and Athletics to create the kind of trophy they need.


Whether you are looking for a classic look or something new, we can provide a variety of trophies for you.





Custom Trophies for Redmond Team Accomplishments


Custom-Trophies-Redmond-WANowadays, custom trophies are becoming more and more popular.


Having your own custom trophy made for an event enables you to make it all the more special. A custom trophy increase the value of the trophy by making it more personal to the receiver, so that the memory of their Redmond team’s accomplishments can always stay with them.


Other than team accomplishments, custom trophies can be given for various other reasons, including:


• Corporate programs
• Single events
• Accomplishments
• Recognition awards


A trophy speaks a lot to the person getting it and is a memento that can last with them forever, so if you are looking for a nice way to recognize something special in Redmond, custom trophies are a great choice.



Trophy Engraving adds a Personal Touch to Your Redmond Trophy


Trophy-Engraving-Redmond-WATrophy engraving is able to add a lot of style and feel to a trophy. Sports trophies need to be a lot more flamboyant than corporate trophies and as such, the proper engraving can create that feel for the trophy.


Great engraving can easily convey the message that you wish to give with the trophy, if you get it down from the right place. West Coast Awards and Athletics is one of the best providers for such service in the Redmond area.


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