Wall Plaques for Teacher and Employee Recognition in Lakewood


Wall-Plaques-Lakewood-WAWall plaques are plates of metal, ceramic, stone, wood, or other material, typically attached to a wall, stone, or other vertical surface. Plaques are given to teachers to recognize their effort that they have put in throughout their service, or to honor their professional accomplishments.


Various companies honor their employees with wall plaques in the employee recognition programs. Such honor increases the morale of the employees and they are motivated to work in a much better way in the future. 


We at West Coast Awards in Lakewood can assist you in selecting the right wall plaque for teacher and employee recognition, while keeping your budget in mind. We offer an extensive variety of wall plaques, awards and other services to our clients in Lakewood to make their every event special and memorable.



Engraved Plaques to Commemorate a Special Event or Person


Engraved-Plaques-Lakewood-WAEngraved plaques are used to commemorate a person on a special event. Custom plaques look better than simple plaques and these can be customized by engraving the person’s name on them.


If you are in urgent need of engraved plaques but cannot find an engraver for a reasonable price at very short notice, then we at West Coast Awards in Lakewood should be your one and only stop.


Our team of experts utilizes the latest tools and their creative approach to deliver outstanding products. We pride ourselves on being one of the top manufacturers of professionally engraved goods in the industry.


Our 35 years of experience at the highest level of engraving plaques has enabled us to successfully complete thousands of orders of all kinds. Reasons which make us so preferred are:


• Use of modern technology
• Ability to create intricate designs
• Affordable and high quality products
• Timely delivery



Perpetual Plaques to Display Accomplishments in Lakewood Schools


Perpetual-Plaques-Lakewood-WAIn Lakewood, schools can put up perpetual plaques to display various achievements of the students. Students will be honored to have their names appear on beautiful perpetual plaques which recognize their achievements.


Perpetual plaques can be placed on the walls, which make them highly visible. Larger plaques are required when achievements of more than one person are to be put on display.


On perpetual plaques, schools can display the names of teachers and their achievements in various fields. Beautifully engraved perpetual plaques are a great way to let everyone know what others are achieving.


If you need quality service in Lakewood at reasonable rates, do not hesitate to contact us today at 253-458-1473 and check out various services provided by us.


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